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hanging baskets


By Dwarf

west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

i want somthig diferant in my hanging baskets this year but i still want the plants that i put in baskets to trale. has any 1 got any ideas,

On plant dwarf



To answer this, we need to know what you've used before! Could you let us know and then we can come up with a list for you.

14 Mar, 2009


the useual things like busey lisies, petunias , geraniums

14 Mar, 2009


OK - how about Bacopa, Verbena, Diascia, Dichondra (green trailing plant) Begonias, Anagallis, Bessera and Nemesia? All available from Dobies and/or T&M. Or else, go to your local GC where they will probably have a selection of plug plants for you to choose from - including the ones I've listed.

Have fun!

14 Mar, 2009


Trailing Tomatoe's are fab Dwarf, Tumbling toms especially, planted with bedding plants, if you look at my pics there's a pic on there, im going to try strawberries as well this year...

14 Mar, 2009


I have creeping jenny in a raised pot. As it's a perennial, it will grow back again each year

14 Mar, 2009


trailing sweet peas are another option.

14 Mar, 2009


I saw a new trailing viola in a plant catalogue today - gorgeous!

14 Mar, 2009


hi have you thought of chennille plant. It loves the sun and will bloom all summer long. Looks like little red tails on a kitten, if you look up on computer you will see what I mean.

15 Mar, 2009


morning glory is another suggestion

15 Mar, 2009

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