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Raspberry Canes

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Hi can I bow to all you greenfingers out there and ask some advice on Raspberries? I have brought some canes of Glen Clova - it says remove the old canes and tie in the new ones (when do I cut the old ones? after fruiting this year?) Also on the label it reckons they are good for "controlling diabetes, improve vision and circulation and may even halt the ageing process" - maybe I should have got more!!!

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Glen Cova is a summer fruiting raspberry so the old canes should be cut out immediately after they finish fruiting. Retain about six to nine young canes per plant and remove the rest. In February, cut back any over-tall canes to about six inches above the top supporting wire.

6 Apr, 2008


Agree with Andrewr. For autumn fruiting varieties you cut them down to ground level as they fruit on the new growth but Glen Clova is a summer fruiting one. YES IT IS TRUE THAT RASPBERRIES ARE GOOD FOR US.They are supposed to be a good help against cancer.Thus a very beneficial fruit.Happy picking in the summer!!

7 Apr, 2008


Thanks so I will get raspberries this year? The canes are about a foot high with buds.

7 Apr, 2008


They might try to carry a few fruit but you would be better off not letting them crop this year. They will then make stronger plants for the future. Cruel to be kind I know but better in the long run

7 Apr, 2008


Thanks for your help much appreciated.

7 Apr, 2008

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