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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just lifted container grown asiatic lilies bulbs. The big bulb's each have a mass of roots, should i cut these off or leave them to dry and die off?

Also, there are around 4 or 5 minature bulbs attached near the top of the stem. Should i detach these, dry and safe them or leave them attached?

Also some of the 'scales' (?) fell of from the main big bulbs,is this normal and can i propagate these scales?



I assume the foliage has died back. I repot mine in fresh compost and leave in the greenhouse out of the way until spring. lily bulbs shouldnt be allowed to dry out.
repot the small bulbs and they will get bigger but probably wont flower next yr. the scales will root in gritty copost but they wont reach flowering size for a few years. if you have space its fun.

15 Oct, 2011


Thanks Seaburngirl, i repotted the bulbs in fresh compost and in separate containers... just one more question please, do you water them in?

16 Oct, 2011

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