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What can I grow inside now?
Hi, first ever post!
I was just wondering if there is anything that I can plant/grow inside now (thats more interesting than herbs)?
It's my first year of growing things this year and I am spurred on my just picking and eating the last few of my tomatoes.
Any tips/advice on things I can be doing now would be fab!




Salad leaves - those 'cut and come again' ones. :-)

15 Oct, 2011


Radishes if you are in the south of England otherwise salad leaves as Spritz suggests. If you live in the south of the country and have an outside veggie garden then you can plant/sow onions sets, broad beads, hardy winter peas and garlic.

15 Oct, 2011


If you have a nice sunny windowsill, you could try chilli peppers - if you like them, of course.

15 Oct, 2011


cress is always easy and if you have kids you can make a bit of fun out of it to .

16 Oct, 2011


Welcome to GoY.

16 Oct, 2011


You could try miniature tomatoes like Red Robin.

18 Oct, 2011

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