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How do I tell if these are hardy fuchsias and also how do I care for them in the winter only have plastic green house or garage... but very precious as my son bought one for me on first day at secondary school

Dsc_0023 Dsc_0021



Do you know the name of it, if so you can look it up or put the name on here and someone may know whether or not it's hardy

16 Oct, 2011


hi there no name on these!! thats the problem

16 Oct, 2011


This isn't one I recognise as being hardy, so I'd treat as half hardy. Which means frost free conditions to ensure survival, so either place in a cool room in the house and water as little as possible, or bubblewrap the pot, fleece over the top and stand in your plastic greenhouse. Slightly worried because parts of Kent get very cold indeed in bad winters...

16 Oct, 2011


If you haven't got the space to over winter it as it is (as it looks quite large) why not take cuttings which means you only have to find the space for one or two small pots.

16 Oct, 2011


Sheila, I'm not sure that isn't a standard, it looks big enough, and if it is, it will need to be moved somewhere frost free to keep its growth that way.
Ladygardener, can I just clarify - when I say move to a cool room, I mean a room cool enough for the plant to drop its leaves - you don't want it continuing to grow and flower over winter, you want it to rest - but not to die. So water sparingly, maybe a little once a month, and an unheated room would be ideal.

16 Oct, 2011


oh thank you so much that is so so helpful think I will take it to my mums

17 Oct, 2011

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