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how do i store fuchsias when I do not know if they are hardy, bush, etc... this is very special to me this from my son/
have a garage and plastic green house any ideas would be appreciated thanks

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Again, if you know the name of it, put it on here and someone may know

16 Oct, 2011


I'd repeat the advice given under your first question on this subject.

16 Oct, 2011


I think this is Delta's Sarah, which is fairly hardy. If it is planted in the ground, and planted with the crown several inches below the soil level it should be OK, especially if you mulch it well, and don't cut off the branches until it starts to grow from the base again in the spring. If it is in a pot bring it in to a frost free place and let it almost dry out. It will loses its leaves but should come into growth again when watered and brought into a warmer atmosphere.

16 Oct, 2011


I'd take cuttings though and keep them indoors as insurance if you're not sure of any Fuchsia's hardiness.

16 Oct, 2011


thank you beattie, steragram and bamboo so grateful they are of real sentimental value to me priceless!! what month shall I bring them out in the garden again??

17 Oct, 2011


That's a bit ambiguous, ladygardener - if you mean the actual plants (assuming they're indoors over winter) then the usual procedure is to start them into growth again round about March by increasing watering, repotting and increasing light and warmth. When growth begins, you cut off any dead bits, harden off gradually over a few weeks in April/May and then leave them outside from end of May. If you mean cuttings, that's a similar story, but just pot them up as they grow.

17 Oct, 2011


Yes, and taking cuttings is a really good backup idea, as you can keep them in the house and keep them growing over the winter.

19 Oct, 2011

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