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I have some giant lilies in my garden and they have multiplied this year. What do I do with them in the winter? Should I lift them now and store them or split and repot them. Thanks, Jill.




I don't like storing lily bulbs as they dry out quite quickly. I prefer to divide and re-plant as quickly as possible.

17 Oct, 2011


Split and repot, at least give fresh compost. Looking very healthy though, you must be a good gardener!

17 Oct, 2011


Thank you both. You are in complete agreement so I will go with the repotting.

17 Oct, 2011


I also have had my lilies grow to over 5 ft. If I split and divide them does that mean they won't grow as tall next year?

17 Oct, 2011


My experience is that after dividing the bulbs they don't do as well in the first year. If I don't divide the bulbs then the flower power slowley gets less as the clumps get larger!

17 Oct, 2011


If i may interject with a question, when you re-pot the lily into fresh compost, should you water it in? Or leave in dry compost untill spring?

17 Oct, 2011


Just moist, Funguy, rather than 'dry' or 'wet' compost.

17 Oct, 2011


Cheers MrMB. Learning daily :)

18 Oct, 2011


I would agree that dividing the bulbs and repotting is probably the best way. Have you thought about propagating them from seeds taken from the plant? Although cultivars may not come true to type.

18 Oct, 2011

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