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could anyone tell me what this plant is please? thankyou




Alocasia sanderiana

19 Oct, 2011


The plant you were thinking of as arrowhead vine is Syngonium - the shape of the leaves is similar, but a different plant. Obviously, lol!

19 Oct, 2011


thankyou the people in the garden centre were struggling too :)

20 Oct, 2011


It's a tuber, this Alocasia, Kate40 - often grown outside in summer and then dug up, dried off and stored in soil in boxes over winter and restarted again the following year.

20 Oct, 2011


well it was a birthday present from a friend who thought it was a hosta (bless her)I mean I don't know a lot about plants but I know it's not hosta !! lol Thanks sounds complicated to me :\ lol

20 Oct, 2011


Houseplant then, lol! But you can stand it outside in summer if you want...

20 Oct, 2011


As Bamboo said, it looks like Alocasia sanderiana, or it could be the hybrid Alocasia amazonica. I think they are known as Elephant Ears or African Masks.

21 Oct, 2011

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