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I have been given a Magnolia as a moving in present. I noticed straight away that something had been eating the leaves and leaving lots of small holes over them.

I then planted it in the ground hoping it would clear up however, it has not and now a lot of the tips of the leaves have turned dark brown almost black.

Can you tell me why you think this is happening and what I can do to treat it now... Thank you.

As always your help is much appreciated.



I was thinking Vine Weevil due to the holes mentioned- you will find them on the stems or leaves if you go out tonight with a torch. Caterpillars are also a possibility.

19 Oct, 2011


Vine weevils make a few big holes round the edge of the leaf. Shothole makes holes in the middle of the leaves, and is caused by either a bacterial infection or a mildew, and the treatment is different depending on which it is. Sorry if this isn't very helpful.

19 Oct, 2011


If you don't think it is vine weevil (the edges of the leaves being eaten) then I wouldn't worry too much now, unless it's the evergreen, Grandiflora. Shortly all the leaves will drop. Clear all the fallen leaves and destroy. When the spring comes and there is substantial leaf growth then give a treatment of something like 'Roseclear', a combined fungicide and insecticide.

20 Oct, 2011

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