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To prevent losing plants from cold damage in an unheated greenhouse in winter, I have heard that to place (frozen) water-filled plastic bottles near the glass can do the trick. Has anyone tried this?



Never heard of that one - I would have thought it would make the greenhouse colder.

19 Oct, 2011



19 Oct, 2011


Coloured water in clear plastic bottles left in sunlight in the greenhouse will help - add food dye to make it coloured, I think the best colour was black, but as dark as you can get it. Only works if the bottles are in sun during the day though collecting heat, which they then release as it cools down overnight.
I can't imagine why bottles of ice would be of benefit - I use ice packs on my supermarket shopping to get it home without its defrosting, can't see why bottles of the stuff left about wouldn't lower the temperature in the same way.

19 Oct, 2011


Thank you for your comments. It did seem a rather strange suggestion.

19 Oct, 2011

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