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Problems starting off the veg on the windowsill


By Stef

I have grown from seed tomatos and melons and like every year have put them on the window sills in the house. This year however leaves are dying and falling off, but the plants continue to grow, albeit slowly.
This has also happened to some french beans I have started off in the house.
Any advice is welcomed as always.



Hi, I also have to start off veg seeds on the window (no greenhouse) - silly question but do you draw your curtains at night and are they thick? It might be the plants are getting cold behind the curtains at night.

7 Apr, 2008


Upstairs yes downstairs no, but still the same result.

7 Apr, 2008


Different seed compost? Something cheaper? Maybe it's not holding moisture or lacking in minerals?
Do you have central heating? Have you kept it on longer than in previous years due to the changeable weather?
Whose seeds have you bought? Could they be old?
I've no real solutions sorry just more questions/suggestions

8 Apr, 2008


Temperature fluctuations could be to blame or cold drafts.....?

8 Apr, 2008


thanks for all your comments

8 Apr, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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