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cheals weeping cherry online

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just bought a cheals weeping cherry online. It has alot of holes in the leaves. Could this be down to the vine weevil?

On plant kiku-shidare zakura



It could be vine weevil, or it could be a fungal disease called shothole, if the latter it can be treated by mulching, and watering copiously in spring, young trees respond to a foliar feed, {not now}, if it occurs again next year, spray at the first sign with a copper fungicide at half strength every 14-21 days and a full strength one just before leaf fall.
As it,s a new plant, if it is either, I would get in touch with the supplier and ask for a refund.

19 Oct, 2011


Shothole is a lot of little holes as if they had been made with a very small punch. Vine weevil takes large irregularly shapes pieces out of the side of the leaves, so yours sounds more like the former than the dreaded weevil.

19 Oct, 2011

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