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Rose selection?
My mother has asked that I get her a white scented rose for the christmas. She wants it planted up in a black container - under planted with snowdrops. My questions are this...
I know that snowdrops will not be in bloom same time as a rose - is there a similar looking plant I could use?
What type of rose is best suited to growing in a container?I do not have the container yet - the container will be bought to suit the size of the rose.
I have no idea about roses - and I know many of you love your roses - so do any of you have a recommendation?
Sorry for so many questions. Cheers



Oh my gawd, bit of a tall order. Does she know that white roses are notorious for becoming horribly spotted if it rains? I'd look amongst the patio or miniature roses for a tub - must be something in that range that's white and fragrant. Not that I know much about patio roses...

19 Oct, 2011


Roses are notoriously difficult when grown in containers as the are stressed and end up with black spot and milldew. They do best when grown in a sunny site, moist soil, in the garden. Also remember that for four months of the year they will be 'sticks in a pot'. I would think of something evergreen that is not too vigorous that she might like. As it's Christmas time, why not Sarcococca, the Christmas Box with its fragrant perfume?

20 Oct, 2011


Yes Sarcococca I have 3 of these and the perfume is WOW.

I have 2 roses in terracota pots on my deck and there in rebloom mode and are stunning .

I white and I yellow.

I am waiting on Rose Hot Chocolate from J Parkers its not white though but a real beauty .

Peony Roses are nice to .

And you are not far from Binnys plants

20 Oct, 2011


Thank you all.
Yes Bamboo, she never makes it easy. TBH this is the first time ever she hasn't asked for something for house house. Last year it was new bed and year before was new iron. So am pleased. I'll speak to her about the spottiness and maybe have her choose another colour.
Jimmy and Scotkat, thank you for recommending the Christmas box, I rather like this so may well do a couple of pots for her.
Scotkat....have lots of paeonies already....anyway am barred from Binny's til Springtime....I've told Billy many times over the past few weeks that I wont be back til spring and each time I appear he just laughs, last time he told me I was BARRED!!But he did give me a couple of plants as gifts :))

20 Oct, 2011

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