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By Sheilar

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B&Q BARGAINS ... Bought these cyclamen yesterday. The red one was 25p and the white one was 50p. On the label it states 'Lasts one season only' - does this mean the frost will get them if left outside or will I be able to keep them indoors as a house plant?

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They look like the more tender variety to me, but there is no reason they can,t be grown on, they dislike the dry atmosphere of central heating, stand them on a tray of gravel, about 1" of gravel with 1/2" of water and try to keep them between 55 & 59 deg f, when they finish flowering move them to a north facing window or cool greenhouse and feed with liquid fertilizer, give them less water and when they stop producing leaves round about june, stop watering altogether, round about august knock the corms out of the pots, remove the old soil, dead leaves and roots, and provided the corms are sound replant them into 5" pots of john innes no1, with the tops of the corms just showing, put them in a greenhouse or cold frame and water well, they should start flowering again from september onwards, when you have 6 or more flowers on each plant you can take them indoors again, and repeat the process.

19 Oct, 2011


Wow - Derek, you sound like an expert on cyclamen! They're out on the patio at the moment, I was going to leave them there until the first frost (it says on the tag they're 'suitable for patio containers, beds and borders and flower throughout autumn in sun or partial shade'). I haven't got a greenhouse but I've got a north facing porch where they'll probs be OK. Thanks for your advice, which I'll adhere to!!;o)

19 Oct, 2011


The Cyclamen you have bought are the half-hardy ones that will not survive outside over winter. you either treat them as annuals or keep them frost free inside over winter.

19 Oct, 2011


Thanks MG, I shall bring them in over winter. They're so pretty I'm going to try to keep them!

19 Oct, 2011


Well thanks for the compliment Sheilar, but Iwouldn,t call myself an expert, maybe experienced lol.
They should be fine in the porch, sounds the ideal position for them. derek

20 Oct, 2011


They will only be fine in the porch if it is frost free... very few porches are. We bough a greenhouse heater for the porch last year so we could keep plants that need to be above freezing happy. Our bulb house and greenhouse are totally unheated.

20 Oct, 2011


When I said a porch, I was referring to the stage when you move them to a north facing window, or a cool greenhouse, by this stage I would expect a porch to be no lower than 45deg f which is the temperature of a cool greenhouse, if the temperature falls any lower than this then by all means use a heater, but 45deg is enough at this stage of the cycle.

21 Oct, 2011


Unheated, over winter, our porch temp drops to around zero even though we have double glazing. Hence the 2kw frost free heater that is set to keep the temperature at 5˚C.

22 Oct, 2011

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