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i have a small lawn about 12 ft x 16ft an d i want to make a small rockery at a corner ... what should i do , please give ideas and suggestion. thanx



Select a site that is as sunny as possible -at least 1/2 day or longer. Lift the grass up in that site as turf sections and set aside for later use in this project. If the ground is flat buildup the site with all that nontoxic waste you've been
wanting to get rid of for so long. Anything from old bricks to cracked sinks. Lay the turf upside-down over this and firm down. Fresh soil will be needed over this for further
buildup. If possible, this should be mixed with coarse grit
and some slow release fertilizer. Now bed the rock, use local rocks for a more natural look, use sizes proportionally appropriate. Place it in lines with the rocks
touching each other. Set the rocks in about 1/2 way down to help keep plant roots cool an moist in hot weather.
If you can let this area settle a few months. This way any subsidence can be repaired without disturbing the plants.
Mulch the bare soil spots with gravel the same color as
the rock. This will slowdown dry up of the soil and
prevent mud splashing on plants or rocks during a heavy
rain. With careful planting and the inclusion of bulbs your
rockery will be attractive spring to the end of summer.
Perhaps GOY members can help with plant suggestions.
The GOY site is jammed full of rockery garden photos,
blogs, and planting ideas.
P.S. Upside down turf can in its own way rightside its self back up again. If you think that grass is springing up in your rockery or any thing else , before you have planted pull it out. Or use a grass or weedkiller-how long to wait before planting using this method? ---Read The Label

20 Oct, 2011

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