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I have grown Gerbera in pots/containers outside for the first time this year. They are a wonderful with large flowers that last in the garden for many weeks. I would hate to lose them. How do I care for them over winter.

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They'll need to be in a frost free greenhouse to survive the winter.

20 Oct, 2011


I have transferred 3 out of the 4 I have in to my mini greenhouse.

I will be adding some more frost protection when the weather gets even colder.

20 Oct, 2011


You'll have to hope that this winter's not as cold as last then Alex!

20 Oct, 2011


Are you talking about the annuals or the perennials ? ? ?
You need to be more specific to get the most help.

The perennials will be fine left outside - mine grow in the ground, i have several plants, and came through minus 12 degrees just fine last winter.

The annuals, like any, will not overwinter in this country.

21 Oct, 2011


I have a feeling that this winter will be the same if not worse than last year.

Oh well, we will just have to take it as it comes and try and replace anything we lose.

21 Oct, 2011

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