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My aloe vera plant has got too big for the pot. Can I transplant it now



hi anne if you go into jeeves and ask about transplanting the plant it will tell you everything you need to no plus it will save a lot of typing and explaining witch may be easier for you hope this helps good luck.

20 Oct, 2011


I would have said all you need to do is pot it on into a bigger one using cactus compost. I do anyway. They are pretty tough.

20 Oct, 2011


I do the same steragram, next size pot up and a gritty/sandy compost if no cactus stuff available.

20 Oct, 2011


Just use free draining compost with some grit. Remove any baby plants that will have grown around the sides together with some roots and pot the main Aloe on into a larger pot. Plant the baby plants into smaller pots. I do this once a year and I end up with at least a dozen more plants to give away.

21 Oct, 2011


That's why Idon't pot up the babies - nobody seems to want them and I certainly haven't got room!

21 Oct, 2011


Well why not boil them up, strain off the juice, keep the liquid in a fridge and use it as moisturiser, balm or soothing lotion to keep you looking young? I use it everyday and I'm 93 next year ;)

You can also drink the juice if you have a dicky tum, but it tastes bitter.

22 Oct, 2011


Wow, I will give that a try, thanks.

28 Oct, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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