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tree fern advice


By Costa

herts, United Kingdom Gb

hi everyone havent been on for ages,was busy in the garden .Can anyone advice on what action to take to look after a tree fern for the winter ,it was planted in may in the ground looks fantastic.also i would like to dig up and replant some other plants to a diferent possition when is the best month to do this



No advice on the Tree Fern but w ned to know which plants you want to move to advise correctly.

23 Oct, 2011


thanks Moon growe,iwant to move a japanese acer and plant a banana plant in its place

23 Oct, 2011


You could move your Japanese acer once the leaves have all dropped. Remember it needs a semi-shady spot out of the wind and a neutral to acidic soil. Though whether the move will be successful or not also depends on how long the acer has been in the ground.

24 Oct, 2011

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