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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

great excitement here ! My son was in the front garden this morning and made a discovery - My 15ft high, 12inch diameter trunk cordyline that died some 3years ago and was cut down to ground level has now produced 7 small ones, growing around theoutside of the base. 2or3of them are 2ft tall and very healthy.
The question is - can I cut these off and repot them ? And if so - exactly how do I do it ? Must I cut a piece of the base off as well, for example ? Type of compost etc to put them in ? Etc etc.
I really hope this is possible.



Cant answer your question expertly enough Hank,but,YIPPEEE! Congratulations! Confirms that it's worth waiting before doing anything drastic eh?

24 Oct, 2011


You would need to have a little dig around the base of the babies to see if they have their own roots or are just very low side shoots. Don't remove them til Spring anyway. You may want to thin them out so that you get a nicely shaped clump and not just a jumble of leaves. I wonder how many other people have new sprouts on their Cordylines. We had lots and lots of questions in Spring about badly damaged specimens. I hope they didn't dig them out too soon!!

24 Oct, 2011


Wow! I bet you're pleased! :-)))

Apparently, you can only detach them if they have roots. I think it might be worth an experiment on one in the spring, if there are that many. Good luck!

24 Oct, 2011


SNAP, Volunteer! ;-)

24 Oct, 2011


Thanks very much for the replies, guys, I 'm really looking forward to trying your suggestions out in Spring.
The only problem now is waiting until Spring. It's going to be difficult !

25 Oct, 2011

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