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Any thoughts about using old carpets to cover bare areas in my vegetable patch. Do you think it is a good idea and what would be preferable natural fibres or synthetic ones!! I did use one once and it broke down very easily and made a real mess-can't remember what sort it was though! I have a vague recollection of someone telling me that it was a bad idea to use carpets in the veg garden....also any thoughts about covering the compost heap-carpet/cardboard/old plastic tablecloth or indeed carpets again!



If it's a synthetic carpet you may be best putting down plastic and putting the carpet on top.If it disintegrates, all the bits won't go into the soil. I found it got very heavy if left in one large piece, so maybe cut it into manageable pieces. Also, if it's an embarrasingly bright pattern... turn it over !!
Pieces are also good to insulate the compost heap.

24 Oct, 2011


People do use carpet to cover compost heaps - but I'd steer clear of synthetic ones, and also the ones with foam backing. Natural materials i.e. wool, wouldn't contain chemical substances that you wouldn't want in your compost.

I'd imagine it would be the same in your veggie patch, but somone else needs to comment on that, as I don't have one.

24 Oct, 2011


I have Spritz,& have used old carpet elsewhere too (other than in my sitting room).. yes natural fibres Sparkly, & as Volunteer says it can be a good weight,especially when it's been outside in the elements so be prepared to cut it up,beforehand or after.

24 Oct, 2011


Thanks for all that.

10 Mar, 2012

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