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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a 16metre long garden
10 metres wide,
Would like to get it back to proper grass.
problem have beech tree in middle of garden and 2x cherry in borders on left hand side, as well as an apple tree at the top of garden.
The roots of the beech and cherry have been coming up closer to the surface over the years. Over the last 2 years lots of suckers have emerged and we have been
digging down to main route and lopping them off.

Ground in general around the beech tree has sunk.
so Idea is to put top soil on to bring it back to a decent level and to get the rest of the grass up to a decent height.

What I need to ask is
Which way do you reckon would be the cheapest to get the top soil and then put on turf

To put on the topsoil and then get strong grass seed.
I don't want to cut any corners but equally do not want to pay lots of money.




Seed is cheaper than turf, but sadly it is unlikely you will ever get lush grass under a large beech tree. Cherries do sucker - can you not simply cut them off with the mower as they appear?

26 Oct, 2011

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