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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

hi all blight resistant tomatoes is there any truth in this claim or is it another way of getting rid of your hard earned cash for very little seed , i usually grow 200 tomato plants in my 42 by 16 polytunnel hanging basket and indeterminate varietys but 2 years in a row blight has ruined the tunnel i sprayed with dithane but it was to late ,so are these claims by seed companys true and if so can anyone advise .many thanks ricky



I read that grafted plants are more resistant - but they're soooo expensive.

I've given up growing tomatoes because of blight. :-(

25 Oct, 2011


I have been growing 'Shirley' F1's as cordons in my glasshouse for about 5 years. They have good virus resistance and I have yet to have problems with blight. Are there any potatoes being grown in the vicinity which might attract the blight and pass it on to the tomatoes or too high humidity levels?

25 Oct, 2011

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