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I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this plant.
It grows in my garden spontaneously.

Pianta_042 Pianta_041



Not certain but it looks like the birds might have brought you a young plum tree

25 Oct, 2011


My first reaction was that it might be a blackthorn, so much the same conclusion as you, Inverglen.

25 Oct, 2011


"Weed tree" - heave it out is my advice. And before its roots get too long. Unless you've got the sort of garden that needs a thicket, of course!

25 Oct, 2011


Yup! Can't argue with that, Beattie - we get quite a few growing and they're a bit of a nuisance.

25 Oct, 2011


We get them too - ash seedlings, blackthorn and other wild plums, willows of various sorts, sycamores. Oaks from acorns planted by jays or squirrels. I pull them all out or we'd have scrub instead of a garden in no time.

25 Oct, 2011


It looks like a prunus of some sort..& yes,as others have suggested,dont get sentimental over them,yank them out before they set too well...the advice I ought to have given myself years ago with a common willow self setter! Ash, & sycamore are a thorough nuisance round here too if not detected & dealt with in time.

26 Oct, 2011


Thank you to all for your answers,very helpful.
I'll let her grow a bit more and see what it is as I am quite curious now.

30 Oct, 2011


The roots grow deeper and quicker than the top growth Coffeebean. If you leave it now, it'll be really hard to get out later. It's a blackthorn, so unless you want one of those, where this one is growing, I'd strongly recommend that you pull it out ASAP.

If you want to see what it is why not pot it up and grow it on?

30 Oct, 2011


Yes,you are right. I was thinking the same, to move it in a large pot and wait. Thanks anyway.

31 Oct, 2011

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