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I have an outdoor lady bothsby fuscia that is about 4fthigh

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I have an outdoor lady bothsby fuscia that is about 4ft
high,i want to put in greenhouse over the winter.Do i
cut it down and if so when and by how much.
Thanks Amanda.



I've found that Lady Boothby survived the last two winters outdoors, but it's always worrying, trying to decide what to make room for inside and what to risk outside over the winter.

The usual advice for fuchsias to be potted up and taken into shelter for the winter is to cut the top growth back by one third in the autumn and then cut back by another third in spring when they start showing signs of life. As your Lady Boothby is so tall, if you have trouble finding space for it, it would be OK to cut it back more if you need to.

When to move it depends on where you live and the (unpredictable) weather. Before it gets frosted would be good, and for tender plants that are to be moved it's important to get them in before there's any frost at all.

If it's not growing in a container, or if the container's too big to move, you'll need to dig it up and put in a pot for the winter. Keep it on the dry side with just a sprinkle of water occasionally and it should be fine.

26 Oct, 2011


or you could try taking some cuttings now and keep them in a frost free place. I' on the edge of the yorkshire wolds and my LB came through the last 2 winters if that helps. She was knoked back hard but did well.

26 Oct, 2011


I'd leave it in the ground (assuming it is in the ground), don't cut it down, add some mulch or dead leaves or something to the top to give a bit of extra protection. If it is in a pot, on the other hand, you will need to move it somewhere warmer - or plant it in the ground.

27 Oct, 2011

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