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Our cottage was surrounded by banks of sandstone. We have had heavy machinary in to dig it out and take it away. We are now left with a flat landscape but no character and would love some ideas as to make an interesting oasis without it costing the earth?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Do you have access to any of the sandstone that was dug out or is there some more on your property that you could use? I'm thinking raised beds here to break up the flatness. I love using local materials, not bringing stuff in.

26 Oct, 2011


When you say "flat" do you mean to a rock base or have you dug deeper and filled up with soil and compost ?

26 Oct, 2011


Can I ask what's going to hold that fence up in heavy rain?
Is there room for a summer house and seating?

26 Oct, 2011


i think also the sand stone would of made you a lovley pond and waterfall or as beattie sais raised beds or perhaps a combination of both . be a shame to waste it .

27 Oct, 2011

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