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Help identify my house plant, please.


By Ajay

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi. My friend Stacey bought me this lovely plant yesterday. Can you tell me what it is please?




Yes, it is a Sago Palm. I have two growing outside my home down in Houston but they make excellent house plants as well.

Pictures and more plant information at the link below:

9 Jun, 2007


Thank you very much, especially the great information at the link you provided!

10 Jun, 2007


It looks like it could be a sago palm, cycas revoluta.
here's some info!

Cycas revoluta - Sago Palm

Once dinosaur food these ancient palms rose to popularity as a houseplant in Victorian times. Cycads are striking specimen plant with dark green needles borne on long symmetrical fronds. Over time (A very long time!) a thick trunk is formed with a wonderful texture and otherworldly flowers.

Site: A well lit spot but avoid to much direct sun.

Temp: Average; keep colder over the winter.

Water: Well watered in the growing season but allow to dry in-between watering. Less water over the winter months. Misting when out of sunlight will keep the needles from browning at the tips.

Feeding: A liquid feed every four to five weeks over the growing season.

Tip: Do not use pesticide to remove any pests

Hope this helps,

21 Mar, 2009

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