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I would like to transplant a clematis which at present is in a pot to a permanent position in the garden. If I do it now, I will have to cut down the remains of the foliage to do so. Should I just do it or wait until the Spring?



Much better to plant in the ground now, but cutting off the foliage may mean no flowers next year - depending on the variety of your clematis. Do you know what its name is?

27 Oct, 2011


To continue along the same lines Bamboo, I have my clem grown from a cutting this year, its about 2ft in height now and am wondering will it stand a better chance in the garden? or should it be left in my greenhouse for the winter, never succeeded with a cutting before...

27 Oct, 2011


If its still in the greenhouse, you'd probably better leave it there, Lincslass - if you'd had it outside, hardening off, I'd have said plant out.

27 Oct, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, much appreciated...

27 Oct, 2011

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