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By Od156

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you identify this plant for me please? Photo taken this October in my garden. Plant is about 6 yrs old and only this year has it grown so vigourously and produced the soft greyish flowering point. I just thought that it was grown for the lovely two-tone green leaves.




Hi Od, my mum has this growing in her garden too and this is the first year it has had the fronds on it. I can,t for the life of me remember what it is, so shall be checking on here when someone gives you the answer. Hers was originally in an indoor garden pot.

27 Oct, 2011


is it one of the artemisia?

27 Oct, 2011


Don't think so Sbg, yellow and green fern type leaves....grrr..can't remember.

27 Oct, 2011


yes yellow& green ferny leaves, thats what I thought , there are many different species/varieties.

27 Oct, 2011


It's Artemisia 'Oriental Limelight'. I have it in my island bed, and it's a THUG. I wish I'd never planted it. The flowers aren't exactly pretty either, are they! I'm going to dig as much of mine out as I possibly can in the spring - it's spread under my obelisk so it'll be difficult.

I tried to stop it from flowering this year by taking the shears to it every month, which did work except for the unreachable shoots.

27 Oct, 2011


Yep Spritz and Sbg your right....Oriental Limelight...didn't realize it was Artemisia!

27 Oct, 2011


Thank you to all for answering my query. This is the first time I have used this site but now I will be a regular user. I gave a root of the artemisia to a friend the other day but I hadn't been able to tell her the name of the plant. I can do this now. Again, many thanks.

28 Oct, 2011


Oooh - I think you'd better warn her about it being a thug - or she won't be a friend much longer! lol.

29 Oct, 2011


my garden saw mine off. thug? more of a whimp :o)

1 Nov, 2011


I'll save you some roots, Sbg - I made the decision last night that it HAS TO GO!!! Now, I have to decide what to plant there instead. <sigh>

1 Nov, 2011

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