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Do Vine weevils eat bulbs?



The grubs certainly eat cyclamen corms.

28 Oct, 2011


I have no experience of them eating the actual bulbs but I see no reason why they would not eat the roots coming from the bulbs. The bulb would not be able to feed itself and so would die.

28 Oct, 2011


They ate the roots of some of my lily bulbs in pots , so I suspect they might also do the same to spring bulbs.

28 Oct, 2011


Thank you for your replies. I shall have to replant mine in new compost.

29 Oct, 2011


I would suggest that if you ever find vine weavils in the compost you re-pot the plant/bulb in fresh compost and throw the waste compost into the rubbish bin

29 Oct, 2011

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