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By Annieq

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello People I am a newbie very shy!

I have just been to a plant auction...."How much money?"

but I ignored this cry, and brought some good plants, one of them is a campsis indian summer, which I know has had a lot of comment on here, but before I plant it.........Does it really grow that rampant in this country...
if so, probably not best for my tiny garden, how about along the front garden fence which is about 20' x 4'.....
Any thoughts



No, it won't get that rampant because unfortunately, it is only frost hardy, tolerating down to -5 deg C. If you can find a very sheltered spot out of cold winds and in full sun (so south facing) and you provide some sort of extra protection over winter if its bad (maybe horticultural fleece over the top, mulch the roots) then should it make it through, it needs pruning in winter anyway - by mid February at the latest, when you can reduce it.

29 Oct, 2011

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