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Tree loppers ?????
Hi, Can anyone give me some advice on which is the best tree lopper to buy. I am wanting to give an old hawthorn tree a good hair cut but it is an awkward place. I am wanting to buy a pair of telescopic loppers with cutter and saw but it is a minefield out there and don't want to buy the wrong ones and regret it as they are quite expensive. Thanks



The best telescopic loppers we have came from Lidl and were half the price of the ones we bought in the GC. They are just loppers though no saw and Lidl is unlikely to have at this time of year. Just checked in the tool shed and the Lidl loppers are Florabest ratchet loppers. I'm not sure that combining loppers with a saw would work but there may be loppers you can fix one to.

30 Oct, 2011


MG has written what I'd planned to - I can't see a combined lopper and saw being a good combination. Telescopic loppers can be heavy to use - double handles give 50% more reach.

We've had loppers from all sorts of places - one of the most useful garden tools there is. I tend to forget where I've dropped them and leave them in some obscure spot for months at a time. If you're slapdash too, don't spend a fortune on them. Get one with jaws that open as wide as possible - it's much quicker to lop than to saw!

30 Oct, 2011


Agree Beattie much quicker to lop than saw and at arms length a darned sight less tiring. If I can get the jaws of the lopper round the limb that needs cutting off it comes!

30 Oct, 2011

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