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I have a wormery and use the liquid produced as a general feed for my flower beds & pots with good results and now have a potted apple tree and was wondering if it will be good enough to feed that as I am told that the tree needs a high potash feed.



Firstly, worm juice is NOT a fertiliser as such. It does contains some Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, but it as far as I understand it's a kind of biological soil improver that helps the plants to take more nutrients from the soil by unlocking the siol and allowing the phosphorous and potassium to be taken in more easily. It does contain some complex nutrients and minerals though which are good for your plants.

I would still use a balanced NPK fertiliser, albeit at a reduced strength as the soils natural processes will have re-established and the plants will be more able to take in the nitrogen. Worm Juice creates a level of good bacteria in your soil that is very beneficial to plants.

30 Oct, 2011

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