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how to grow a monkey puzzle tree

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i have ed aplanted a monkey puzzle tree and its slowly growing. it has some brown bits around the stem? is this natural and can i do something about it?



No, from experience they can't return to green. So, just keep watering it well, and maybe even give it a bit of liquid fertiliser to up its "vitamins!" After a year or so, you shouldn't need to water it so much. BTW, it is a slow growing tree!

19 Mar, 2009


mine are fine and they have brown bits there fairly hardy strangely in the wild monkeys never meat them in the wild.

20 Mar, 2009


Would you want to climb up that if you were a monkey? Ouch!!! They will get very big over time so make sure your garden is big enough to house one. plus don't plant it too near your house because the roots will be a problem.

20 Mar, 2009


well thats wear the name came from.someones imagination lol . victorean times when they were populer and they thaught a duck billed platipus had actualy come from someones imagination lol.

20 Mar, 2009


Yes that's right, It was Queen Victoria i think that said the tree looked like a large amount of monkeys with long tails all on top of each other.

21 Mar, 2009


thanx andrea

22 Mar, 2009

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