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Sorry- I've another Plant ID?!.
Oops, a new plot to work on and this shurb/small tree is a mystery to me. Nothing obvious about it, but I *think* its evergreen. Owner says its a quince (or has had quince like fruits on before) but doesn't seem like a quince to me (esp if its evergreen). She also said its flowered in the autumn before. Not this year as its been cut back a bit. Hope the second photo (close up of leaves) help, in particular. Thanks!

2011_10_30_11.50.44 2011_10_30_11.50.55



Definitely not quince if it flowers in autumn, and they are deciduous, as you say, should have fruits by now. I reckon its probably a badly pruned Viburnum tinus?

31 Oct, 2011


Is it the Japanese quince which has pretty red flowers in the spring and small round hard fruits (golf ball size)?

31 Oct, 2011


I thought "Camellia"? They sometimes have a hard fruit like a quince. Some Camellias are autumn flowering.

31 Oct, 2011


Yes thats possible - there are lots of different types of Camellia so it seems the most likely candidate. I think its been pruned too harsh just recently to produce any flowers for a couple of years! Thanks.

31 Oct, 2011


It's chaenomeles or flowering quince

31 Oct, 2011


..thanks. I guess it will lose its leaves eventually then.

31 Oct, 2011


..and thanks Cammomile.

31 Oct, 2011


You're welcome - I am afraid I am helpless at Latin names - even though I studied it at school!

3 Nov, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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