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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Orchid 'ODONTOGLOSSUM' problem... I have this type of orchid, after many months of waiting for a flower stalk, one has been appearing over the past couple of weeks, slowly bending out of the foliage with the top of the stalk stuck in the foliage, so as it was appearing the stalk formed a upside down U shape.
To my horror :-0 i woke today and it has snapped clean in half.
My question is what will happen now?/What can i do? Will it send up another stalk or am i likely going to have to wait another few months for a new one? Shall i leave the half stalk on the plant(there are no flower buds on it, they where all on the bit that snapped off)

Also, i did not try to release the top of the stalk which was stuck in the foliage, i thought i would leave it and it would emerge on its own accord. I don't know if it could have snapped by itself or if one of the cats might have banged into it.... have you known it tp happen, that a orchid flower stalk will snap itself whilst trying to emerge?



Oh dear how disappointing for you. If I remember correctly this particular orchid only flowers once in the year so you are going to have to wait until next year now. I would have gently eased the stuck growing tip of the flower spire out of the foliage. I suspect it snapped when it simply couldn't pull itself upright.

1 Nov, 2011


At least I know better for next time Moongrower. I see some nice Orchids on sale at the supermarket for £4-5 sometimes. But i was looking forward to seeing it emerge and grow into the beautiful flowers.
I have a few more so fingers crossed another one will be out one of these days.
All the best Moongrower, hope your well.

1 Nov, 2011


Funguy I am so sorry as we all wait for is exciting moment of them bursting into bloom.

This year all my orchids have been in rebloom mode.

I have just posted a photo of my £5 Cambria Orchid from supermarket last 2 weeks ago.

1 Nov, 2011


Funguy - don't feel too bad. I had a Phalaenopsis that refused to rebloom for two years whilst it grew lots of leaves and got very big. Finally it produced a flower stem, which I managed to snap as I tried to tie it up straight!

1 Nov, 2011


Funguy I'm sure it will put up another flower spire at some point.

2 Nov, 2011


You must have kicked yourself Meanie,and that was precisely the reason i left it... Which situation makes the grower feel worse??! lol
Yes Moongrower i'm sure its will.
My grandmother has her orchids with the roots permanently in water and it just doesn't stop flowering, 4 months i think its been in flower,I have to feel it to make sure its not fake. I kept telling her she shouldn't keep it like that, but then how can i argue when it looks so healthy and then the flowers on mine only last a couple of weeks and to top it off the stalk snaps off!!
I'm not mean enough to suggest she has a good instead - 'well, it must be you magic touch gran' :)

2 Nov, 2011


Some orchids can cope with sitting in water... depends if they are terrestrial or epiphytic

2 Nov, 2011

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