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My James Greaves apples appear opaque in small areas as though they have suffered from being in contact with something frozen. I would be pleased if anyone had any ideas what may have caused this.

Many thanks Gattina for the prompt response. Your answer sounds spot-on considering the hot spells we had been having and the fact that I pruned heavily in the winter before. It's good to know that it will correct itself.



Hi, Frankofile, and welcome to GoY! I asked this same question a couple of months ago, and it was followed by one from someone else with the same problem. The problem was solved by one of our incredibly well-informed members, Bamboo, who wrote:- " It is called Apple Water Core, and is caused by inhospitable growing and cultural conditions, such as excessive pruning and thinning, high temperature, high light intensity and extensive damage or removal of bark on the trunk or branches."
My apples, now better established, have not shown the same symptoms since. Hope that answers your question. Do nothing - it'll right itself.

1 Nov, 2011


I say, preening here... thanks for saving me the time, Gattina!

1 Nov, 2011


Oh, Gosh, Bamboo - I've hijacked you again, haven't I? Sorry about that. It shows I was paying attention, though, doesn't it?

2 Nov, 2011


My remark was meant to be taken at face value, Gattina - I'm only glad you not only remembered the information, but were able to advise someone else. It's all about getting the info out there rather than taking personal credit;-))

2 Nov, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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