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tree growing through bush,s how do i kill it.



How big are they both? Could you add a photo to the question please Potions4. Do you know what each of them is?

I'm assuming you don't want the tree, but want to keep the bush.

If the tree is small enough you may be able to get it out through the bush. I've been able to extract tree seedlings out of bushes I wanted before - up to about 3 feet high.

You may be able to dig up both, untangle them and replant the bush - in this case I'd prune back the top growth by about half to reduce the strain on the roots of the bush, even if you lose flowers etc next year. Again, this has worked for me.

If they're both too big to get out you could try cutting off the tree as low down as possible and paint the fresh cut surface with SBK brushwood killer. You need to make sure you don't get any on the plant you want to keep, or on the soil around and you need to put a waterproof "hat" on the stump to stop rain washing the brushwood killer off. A can, jar, chunk of foil well scrunched on...

The last method is one I read about on here and have used in a similar situation to yours but not enough time has passed for me to be sure that it's worked - and that it hasn't killed the bush - and the tree may yet regrow. If this is the one you choose, don't come back and haunt me if it goes wrong.... :-(

1 Nov, 2011

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