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any ideas?

London, United Kingdom Gb

could anyone tell me what this plant might be. it's approximately 5 inches tall. i've rescued it but am unsure what it is and how to care for it.




i think Berberis thunbergii cultivar ?

20 Mar, 2009


If it's berberis it'll be pretty tough (and lethal with those spines!)

20 Mar, 2009


The leaves look very much like Berberis..

Berberis (thunbergii) is a very spiney and deciduous shrub that is often used in hedging. It has very small creamy coloured flowers (or at least my unknown red variety does) which appear in late spring if I remember correctly. They are not very fussy about position or soil. Generally they can get to about 4-6 feet in height.

21 Mar, 2009


thanks, guys. the general concensus is berberis thunbergii. i think you're all right having googled it and compared it to pictures. happy gardening! :-)

21 Mar, 2009

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