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growing asparagas...I live in Sheffield,South Yorkshire. A friend has offered to buy me some asparagas to put in my allotment. Would I be wasting my time and her money this far north or is it worth a shot?? Greatful as ever for your views. Joey



there's no reason why you can't grow asparagus in Yorkshire, many people do. The worst thing about it though is that you will need to prepare a largeish bed for the asparagus thoroughly, must be prepared to keep it growing asparagus only for some years, and you will not get any crop for at least 2 years.

2 Nov, 2011


Hey Bamboo,thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll just tell her to grow her own in a bag...?!

5 Nov, 2011


Won't work, they need a specially prepared area of ground, and one which you are prepared to leave unused for anything else for 10 years.

6 Nov, 2011

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