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Hi, can someone identify the type of apple tree that this is please?

It looks like a bit like a 'golden delicious' to me ;-)

The tree only has one apple on it and it's quite small. I've only recently moved into the property so don't know much about it.


Apple1202 Apple1201



Hello ... there are so many varieties, it is impossible to be certain from your photo. The somewhat pear shape of your apple may help you on a google check, or it might just be a pear-shaped golden delicious, as you suggest!! The proof may be in the eating ...

2 Nov, 2011


I agree with Avkq47. There are over 1,400 known varieties of apple plus, if it has grown from seed it would be a hybrid of the two parents and possibly unregistered. The best thing to do is taste it. If it tastes good, keep it, if it is not very nice then either try it as a cooker or dig it up. I assume you have another pollinator apple in the area. If not that could account for only one fruit.

3 Nov, 2011


It would benefit from having the Eucalyptus pruned back a bit, too. Apples need light to fruit properly.

4 Nov, 2011

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