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I am in the process of preparing my amaryllis bulb for new blooms to grow in a few months. The advice I have read is that the bulb should be taken out of its pot and put into the fridge for about 6 weeks before repotting.

However, when I took the bulb out of the pot the roots absolutely filled the pot - should I trim these down a bit before I proceed ? Any help from an amaryllis grower would be most appreciated.



If the leaves haven't died down you could put the pot on its side and stop watering. When the leaves have died down trim them off and repot the bulb with a third o it above the compost level. Trim off a few of the roots to make it fit in a pot, use a slightly larger pot and fresh multi purpose compost. Start to water but only when the compost is getting dry. Hopefully if you fed it enough last year it will flower. Don't worry if leaves sprout first as this can happen with a bulb that's been grown before, the shop bought ones will have been dormant for a while and usually send up a flower spike first. Good luck!

4 Nov, 2011

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