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How and when should I prune vitis purpurea?



Take off any parts you don't want, but always do it after mid summer - late summer until mid Feb at the latest - these can 'bleed' like crazy in spring and summer if you cut them then.

3 Nov, 2011


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3 Nov, 2011


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3 Nov, 2011


I always reckon to prune a vine between leaf fall and January 1st. As Bamboo says, they bleed badly and the sap starts to rise very early in the year, even before signs of growth start

3 Nov, 2011


The stems will die back a way so give it a good trim to establish a framework after leaf fall. You may need to do more if the ends die back further in winter but don't cut growth after the buds start to swell in Spring. I cut mine back to a couple of buds from the main leaders.

4 Nov, 2011

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