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By Costa

herts, United Kingdom Gb

is it to early to cover up tree fern.
as i only have sundays to do any garden work is it to early to cover up my tree fern,and do i still water it at the base or crown which i have stuffed with straw ,and tied up the fronds and wraped the trunk with fleece.thanks for any advice (its my first tree fern).



No, I wouldn't do it yet - they're used to reasonably cold winters in their natural habitat, its just if we have severe winter weather, so I'd wait till really cold weather is forecast before doing it - maybe you won't need to until mid to end of November.

4 Nov, 2011


thanks bamboo,but will it harm it ,and what about watering it thru the winter

4 Nov, 2011


No watering through winter - and the plant, like all plants, will not appreciate being completely wrapped up for 5 or 6 months if the weather is mild - its necessary, but only do it once the weather is genuinely cold, which it certainly isn't currently. A frost isn't a big deal - its temperatures below -5 deg C you're waiting for.

5 Nov, 2011


thanks bamboo i appreciate your advice .

6 Nov, 2011

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