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down, Ireland Ie

Hi...I have a little pot of Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow' seedlings, they are still very small and are at present in my greenhouse, which is unheated at the moment...Please can someone tell me where to go from here with them?...:>)



Prick them out into pots or those plastic module plant trays. They will be small but will benefit from being separated. Keep them somewhere sheltered or in the unheated greenhouse. In Spring, harden them off by putting them outside during the day but bringing them in again at night. Do this for 2 weeks, then leave them out for a week. This reduces the shock of the different atmosphere, wind etc. Plant them out into the garden after digging over the area lightly and adding some garden compost and a sprinkling of granular fertiliser. They can be spaced at about 8 inches apart. Water well. They won't flower until the following year.

4 Nov, 2011


Hi Volunteer..As well as the Aquilegia, i also have a little pot of Poppy 'hensol' and a pot of Penstemon 'pina colada'...The little seedlings only germinated a few days ago and wouldnt be ready for pricking out just yet...Will they be ok left as they are for another while?...i have a sheet of glass covering the pots and dont know if i should take this off....I have a heater keeping things just above freezing at night...Sorry for asking so many questions, and thank you very much.....:>)

4 Nov, 2011


if they are very young they will be fine as the amount of growth will be very little over the winter. prick them out in the spring.

I'd be tempted to leave the aqueliga too as if the temp suddenly drops the roots wont be able to establish in time.

4 Nov, 2011


Ok..Thats great, thanks Sbg...:>)

4 Nov, 2011

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