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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

I have bought a beautiful variegated Solanum Christmas cherry - even the berries are variegated. Am I right in thinking that trying to germinate seed from this will produce non-variegated plants, or is there a chance they will come true? I imagine the safest way forwards is to take cuttings. Is there a best time of year to do this?



With ordinary solanum cuttings from the side shoots in Summer...July and August Pot up in50/50 sand and peat based compost or similar....keep them between 13-16 degrees..Once rooted pot in JI no2...Over winter them frost free and plant out in may...

It would be similar...but I am guessing.

5 Nov, 2011


Thank you, Lil' Pimp! So it's just a case of keeping the thing alive for now.

5 Nov, 2011


I am deed polling Lil' Pimp.....Yup Gatt keep it going as a house plant I assume ....But it may do outside for you next year and even self seed.

5 Nov, 2011


I have to report an attempted murder, L.P.. OH prepared the salad last night, which included a large handful of our tiny cherry tomatoes. I bit into the first one and immediately spat it across the room. It was a "Christmas cherry." In putting the new acquisition onto the side table, I had knocked one of the bright red berries off, picked it off the floor and put it next to the fruit bowl so I could try germinating the seed from it later. OH saw it and thought it was a cherry tomato he must have dropped and put it with the others on my plate. (You'll notice he didn't wash it first!) His case comes to court in the New Year.......

5 Nov, 2011

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