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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have two questions that I am hoping you can help with.

1) Is achillea(?) an annual or perennial?

2) Does a young buddleia bought in the Autumn with a relatively small root system need protecting from the cold, snow & frost?

Also, would it be best to bring it inside the block in front of a full length window next to the door which gets plenty of sunlight (when the clouds are not in the way)?

Much appreciated





Hi Alex Achillea is a perennial. I'd get your Buddleia into the ground if it were mine.

5 Nov, 2011


I agree on both issues

5 Nov, 2011


I've just planted two Buddleia in the ground and one in a pot. Should I give the potted one some protection then,'s only a baby!

5 Nov, 2011


I agree as well Alex, mine are all in pots and I have never lost one, even in that last hard winter. You have soil to plant in your Buddleia will be better off and should thrive.
Lovely colour on that Achillea.

5 Nov, 2011


Thanks for the advice, it was much appreciated.

The Buddleia is in a pot,a s I have no space in the ground for it, and the best place for it to get Sun is round the front of the block which is concrete.

So, Izzy and I would like to be assured that ours will eb fine lefty outside in pots in the winter without having to fuss over them. Is this correct?

5 Nov, 2011


Ok..Alex & Izzy in both your cases I would protect with bubble wrap. My plants are quite well established and get protection of sorts from all the other pots and plants next to them. Also Alex I stand my pots on bark chippings over the winter, concrete can be very cold on the roots.

5 Nov, 2011


O.K. Thanks. I take it just general use bubble wrap from Ryman's stationery shop would do, and I can use bark chippings from the back in a pot stand to keep the pot off the concrete.

Would a fleece jacket be needed for harsh weather?

5 Nov, 2011


These are very tough plants Alex.

There was a new member that joined just a few days ago who specialised in Buddleia. I can't find them at the mo.

5 Nov, 2011


Although achilleas are perennials, they dislike too much wet in the winter so make sure the soil they are planted n is well drained. Also make sure they aren't sitting under wet leaves that have come off trees

5 Nov, 2011



6 Nov, 2011


Thank you from me too...I'd moved them all under the protection of trees....but there will literally be thousands dropping now, Andrew! Looks like I'll be moving them again tomorrow.LOL.

6 Nov, 2011


I definitely wear a fleece when I do the gardening in this weather, LOL.

I only have a B&Q garden centre near me and yes, they do thin fleeces on rolls, but there does not appear to be any bubble wrap. I have looked all over on various occasions. It looks like stationery bubble wrap is the only alternative.

8 Nov, 2011


Plus, I think someone was not very happy that I lanted one, as the ot out the front was on its side, and a huge heavy pot doesn't just "blow over."

8 Nov, 2011

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