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my rock rose hedge is turning brown in different areas, the ends and in the middle. just whole sections. could it be gophers eating the roots?



Hello, Dawalton, and welcome to GoY!
I don't think you will get much informed advice on this question - most of our members are from the UK and nearby, and we don't get gophers! However, we have quite a few members from the USA, so you might be lucky.....

5 Nov, 2011


What part of the USA are you in, Dawalton? The location strongly affects the way Rock Roses are cared for. I'm assuming that you mean a species or hybrid of the genus Cistus? Most of that genus aren't hardy north of USDA Zone 8, and the few exceptions only go up to Zone 6, so it may be the beginnings of frost damage.
Another consideration is the summer heat. Rock Roses in areas with extreme summers, such as southeastern California, southern Arizona, southwestern Texas, and central Florida often have problems with root rot and collar rot in the humidity of late summer, and frequently show dead branches, or whole bushes by fall.
Also, how old is the hedge? Rock Roses are short-lived, and a hedge more than 5 years old is likely to be getting a little "shopworn".

7 Nov, 2011

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