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Can anyone suggest a good idea for storing flower pots tidily?

My Mum is a keen gardener (and a big excentric at times.....she is currently using old wardrobes as raised beds!) however, she has failed to come up with a good idea for storing flower pots tidily. She has even put this on her Christmas wish list!

More than happy to make something (if someone can give me some instruction!) or buy something but she has LOADS!

Thanks for your help




My husband made 'racks' fixed to the side of the shed. They're vertical, so each pot slides down on top of the previous one. It works well - he made each section a different width. There's a narrow piece of wood in between each section, fastened to the front so the pots don't fall out - I just slide them upwards.
Does that make any sense at all?

6 Nov, 2011


Yes it does make some sense...
One question:
Do they all get stuck inside each other? I guess that is the age old problem with any stacking of pots
Actually 2 questions!!!
What did he use to make the racks?
Thank you so so much

6 Nov, 2011


I have a day or 2 where I get them into size order so they do stack and then they go under the staging/on the staging in size order. then they are to hand when i need them.

6 Nov, 2011


The nearest that I come is a deep bookshelf system beneath staging and then store the pots on their sides, pushed inside each other so that the weight of them doesn't make them stick. They can look quite neat when I have a tidy up - but how long does that last.
Plastic pots are grouped in sizes and stored in boxes beneath staging.

6 Nov, 2011


There was someone (I think it was on this site) who said they used old tights nailed to the wall, with the feet cut off, put the pots in the legs (from the waist down the leg) then just pulled them out of the foot bit when they needed them. They had all the same sized pots in the same leg. (Hope this makes sense). Haven't tried it myself tho

6 Nov, 2011


I do the same us Seaburn Girl .

Love Spritz idea and my hubby has a lathe .

Sheilar idea too.

6 Nov, 2011


I store them with a bamboo pole right through the pots - i.e. big ones at the bottom ranging up to the smaller ones at the top - usually with the pole into the earth. Stops the plastic ones being blown away too. Failing that you could do it with a wooden disc at the bottom with a pole attached to it. I don't know if you can visualise this!!!

6 Nov, 2011


He used battens, and they do slide on top of each other, but it's easy to get them out/apart. :-)

6 Nov, 2011


I use old pieces of gutter lying across a shelf which is great for storing small pots, stacked then lying on their side. Because I have so many small ones I actaully have two pieces of gutter side by side and then when both are filled, another can sit on top in a pyramid shape.

6 Nov, 2011


Thank you so much for all of you're responses. they are just the kind of thing mum will love. To be honest there are so many good ideas I will just have to let mum choose ...... I think she wants yo use several ideas for different sizes last time I spoke to her!

Thank you again

10 Nov, 2011


lol Sheilar I think that was me - and i'm trying to find where I said it so that I can send the link to someone on another site!

8 Nov, 2015

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