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Will chenille plant come back


By Suzyh

United States Us

We had enough of a freeze here in Orlando, FL area to cause my chenille plant to die back. Will it come back from the roots, or is it a goner?

On plant Acalypha hispida



Hi Suzyh - As no-one else has jumped in on this question, I've done a bit of research (this plant is a new one to me!)

From what I've read, you have a 50-50 chance! If the freeze wasn't *too* bad it may come back - apparently they can go quite floppy and dead-looking and then start up again, but if the freeze was a bit too much then it's gone. I think I would leave it for a while and keep a close eye on it to see whether it's doing anything as the season progresses - I imagine you know when it would usually be starting to do something so give it a few weeks beyond that and if nothing is happening then I think you're talking replacement.
Sorry I can't give you any better news ...

29 Mar, 2009

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