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How to build a rock wall?

Essex/NJ, United States Us

HI All, I'm interested in builiding a rock wall w/ blue stone or similar flat stones. Nothing too high, but mostly to keep the dogs away from the plants. I've never done this before. does anyone know where I can find some information? The other question is this: I have a problem with designing my garden. I have a small space, and I have worked hard at putting in plants around the periphery, and that's going well...but I feel as if I'm missing something in the design element. It's rather boring. Any suggestions. Thanks!



Hi Poetgardener - have you looked at Grenville's photos? He has a very small garden but manages to cram just about everything into it. Have a look - it will inspire you.

23 Mar, 2009


Don't forget the walls for climbers?

23 Mar, 2009


Hi PG,
Measure the length of the wall required, purchase stones to cover height and length, have also a large bag of soft sand.
Lay out the base stones, cover with a thin layer of sand, put the next layer on, covering all cracks. Have the base wider than the top. Fill in between both sides with small pieces of stone and sand. Cap the top with large even pieces of stone.

23 Mar, 2009


Thanks so much for these replys! I have them noted, and now that the weather is beginning to break here, I can start planning! I'll take a look at Grenville's photos today. Thanks Nariz.
Much appreciated!

2 Apr, 2009

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